Is an Open or Closed Kitchen Right for You?

For centuries kitchens have been placed in the back of homes, only holding the bare essentials. It was seen as strictly a workplace, but now kitchens are approached very differently. Taking a look at today’s kitchen reveals the open concept kitchen at the heart of the home.

People want the kitchen to be an active part within the family home. Even though open concept kitchens are the most popular choice today, some homeowners are embracing the elements of the past, going back to a separate and more closed off layout.

Opening it up

Twenty years ago the term “cocooning” arose in the home design world. Home life changed as people spent more time at home. The desire for a cacoon fueled the open-concept kitchen, allowing homeowners to spend more time with family while cleaning and cooking. As times progressed a shift occurred to a more casual lifestyle. When the walls of the kitchen came down it became an integral part of the home. Thus kitchens soon became the center of the house and the room that everything revolved around.

This style of kitchen has become the optimum style for multitasking for families. Parents can prepare dinner, watch the news, and also help the kids with their homework all at the same time.

Closed Kitchen Reasoning

Turning a closed kitchen into an open plan can really add to the cost of a kitchen remodel. Kitchens are already the most expensive room in the house to remodel and all the work and expense means compromising in other areas. For homeowners who would rather invest in other parts of their kitchen, such as appliances, materials, or cabinetry, reworking the layout may just not be worth it. So when it comes to allocating your budget, which is more important, an open layout that connects you to the rest of your home or an efficient, functional kitchen with better appliances.

There will always be those who are less comfortable with allowing guests to see into their kitchen. The closed kitchen layout is definitely a more formal layout but it comes down to personal preference. If you want to leave your mess and smells behind when serving meals, a closed layout may be for you.

The closed-off kitchen’s isolation can also be its main downfall. This layout does not allow for direct access from the kitchen to the dining table. Also, it is difficult to interact with guests and family while making meals.

Choosing Open or Closed

Having a conversation with a designer can help to figure out what’s best for you. You can start with a list of wants and needs, and then go from there. You will have to consider how you want to live in your home and the way you use your home. Everyone has different needs; so don’t sway with trends. A couple who entertain may go for the closed kitchen while a family with kids who need supervision might decide to do an open concept plan. In the end it depends on your lifestyle and what works best for you.

Posted on January 3, 2017 in Modern Kitchens

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