Contemporary Kitchen Layouts and Design for Busy Families

In contemporary kitchens where homeowners seem to be particularly intrigued by glass and stainless steel, the warmth and texture of natural hardwoods can be a welcome contrast. Timber exhibits defining properties, such as knots and mineral deposits that contribute to its appeal, and be easily highlighted using glazes and stains. The look of your wood surfaces can even change over time, due to aging, exposure to light, and humidity. Common kitchen hardwood options include:

Oak: Oak or Rift Oak has a strong, open-grain pattern and patina ranging from salmon red to deep cinnamon. It is a durable hardwood suited to casual, traditional, or rustic looks.
Maple: Considered to be full of character, with creamy white and reddish-brown variations. It has subtle grain pattern and downy, uniform appearance, making it ideal for many styles and finishes.

Cherry: It starts as tan blonde or deep brown colored timber and darkens naturally with age, blending shades from blonde to deep red. It adds elegance to any décor.
To avoid damaging changes to wood, you should try to maintain humidity levels of 20% or more when the temperature is below 20 degrees Celsius, and 35% or more when the temperature is greater than 20 degrees.

Posted on January 16, 2016 in Kitchen Remodeling, Modern Kitchens

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