3 Important Factors to Remember While Remodeling

Planning before all the workers and activity come traipsing in and out of your living space can make the remodel safer and less intrusive. Its important to consider factors that can make a smoother transition for you and workers. Consider the factors below for smart planning.

Pack Up

Go through rooms included in the remodel and pack up the essentials. Keep the things that you will want to use in an accessible location and pack up the rest to (if possible) move to a storage area. It’s important to place these to be stored in a place out of the main flow of traffic during the remodel. If you won’t be using the regular entryway, set up a temporary command center elsewhere where mail, keys, and other essentials can be placed.

Consider Timing

Think about what time you usually get ready in the morning; will the workers be at your home during that time? If you like walking around the house in your nightwear and would not like to run into your contractor, consider placing screen dividers between work areas and private zones.

If the remodel is in the master bathroom and you will be using the guest bathroom during that time, bring toiletries to the guest bathroom before the remodel.

Maintain Children and Pets

Construction areas are very dangerous for children and animals. Tools used in the duration of the remodel may be left behind, electrical work may be exposed, or more. Place child safety gates at the entrys surrounding the work area and make sure everyone on the remodeling team knows to keep them closed. For additional safety keep a close eye on them to make sure they don’t get to close to construction zones.

Posted on November 24, 2016 in Modern Kitchens

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